Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

Well how’d you do that?!

After our appointment yesterday morning, we felt it appropriate to call up the rest of our relatives and share with them the good news. Nutella had a couple of aunts to tell, who were both really excited. I had an aunt (mom’s sister) to tell whom I felt was audibly bouncing with joy and upon hanging up with me, said “I’m calling your mother right now!!!” And then, there was my grandpa. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: Hi Grandpa? It’s [Strawberry].
Him: Oh hi, dear, how are you doing?
Me: I’m good, thanks…how are you?
Him: Oh…I’ve had better days. What’s doing, kiddo?
Me: Well, I have some news to share with you. [Nutella] is pregnant; we’re going to have a baby.
Him: (in one breath) Well how’d you do that – congratulations!
Me: …Thank you! Um… we used an anonymous sperm donor…
Him: What’s that?
Me: We used an anonymous sperm donor from a sperm bank.
Him: Ok. And [Nutella] is going to carry the baby?
Me: [Nutella] IS carrying the baby, yes. We’re about 10 weeks along.
Him: How do your mom and dad feel?
Me: Oh, they’re really excited- they can’t wait.
Him: Well that’s good. How’s everything else?
Me: Everything else is good…job’s good…
Him: Is she going to quit her job?
Me: What?
Him: Is [Nutella] going to quit her job?
Me (thinking, what is this, 1950?) Um, no we’re both going to continue working.
Him: Ok, well that’s great news, thanks for calling. Take care!

This morning, he called back just to talk to Nutella.

Him: Congratulations, you’re making us great grandparents, since no one else is.
Nutella: (laughing) Thank you!
Him: I think you’ll both be very good parents.
Nutella: Well thank you so much. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we get more information.
Him: Looking forward to it. Take care.

All in all, a good reaction from someone who is pretty old school, but trying his best 🙂 I can only imagine his thinking that an “anonymous sperm donor” meant we plucked some random guy off the street lol.