Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

Turning the pages

We went to a book reading/signing yesterday. The book is called My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy. We hadn’t yet read it, but enjoyed the snippets that the author read and found her to be witty and charming. At one point, the discussion almost turned into an argument over whether or not to circ.umcise (the reading took place at the JCC and while the author is Jewish, she’s not so much into circ.umcision). Otherwise, it was a fun morning spent having brunch with a bunch of Jews, and even though we’re both Jewish, I’m usually ready to run away after a couple hours of that.

We read 60 pages out loud together later in the day. The book is a quick read, filled with acerbic humor, and we were surprised at how normal the author appeared in person when she seems so…well, crazy in the book.

Other books I’m currently working on include Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, which I find to be a lovely book since it’s very down-to-earth and has been updated for the 21st century, including references to gay and lesbian families, and BabyCenter Essential Guide to Baby’s First Year, which …ick. Pregnancy is all hearts and flowers in that one, and while I appreciate them having polled “real women” to get answers to everyday questions, I can’t say the answers are particularly helpful.

Guard yourselves against The Baby Book. It is digustingly sexist, relegating the role of father to a completely secondary one and forget any mention of GLBT families (although I started reading the 1995 version and it’s been updated since then…but still).

Anyone got other recommendations?

Nutella is doing a bit better these days. The heartburn and nausea are on and off, and she finds that taking a zantac in the morning and another one at dinner keep the worst of the heartburn/reflux at bay. Whew!