Yeastie beasties go away.

For those of you that are into this sort of thing, here’s a link to my chart that resulted in pregnancy. I had a nice implantation dip at 7DPO, but note that we had to manually enter the ovulation date ourselves because based on temperatures, Fertility Friend thought I ovulated 2 days after I did (which would have made the pregnancy impossible using frozen sperm). So for me, the best indicators of ovulation were the OPK’s and CM. We did our IUI 12 hours after the positive OPK.

My FF Chart

So I’m currently at 8 weeks 1 day and still feeling like crap. Thank you all for your continued support and comments.

5 responses to “Yeastie beasties go away.

  1. Stupid question from a newbie:

    How did you know which day to put into FF as your ovulation date? Did you know because of an ultrasound? I’m just struggling with FF because my gut tells me that I ovulated a day later than it is telling me. (But I’ve only been charting 1 cycle.)

  2. Hi Jackie, and welcome to this crazy ride!

    I had been tracking my cycles for almost a year, starting with BBT and CM only, then adding in OPK’s for the 3 months before we started trying. Most of the time, my CM, BBT, and OPK’s argeed and I just went with the date that FF pinpointed. However, you only get the crosshairs on FF after 3 temps above your coverline indicating that you have already ovulated. Therefore it’s difficult to time inseminations based on BBT alone.

    It is standard practice at our RE’s office to do IUI’s the day after a +OPK. When I was close to O I would do about 3 OPK’s a day (cheap ones off the internet) I could then see my surge as the 2nd line would go from faint, to dark, and then back to faint. our RE does IUI’s early in the morning and their office is only open until 4pm. I usually got my positive late at night, which meant I couldn’t call the RE until the next morning to schedule the IUI for the NEXT day.

    Our 1st month we did the IUI almost 36 hours after my +OPK. 2nd month also was about 36 hrs. We had a gut feeling that we were inseminating too late. So for month #3 I called for an appointment as soon as I saw a faint 2nd line on the OPK. I got the positive as expected late that night. That means that our IUI the following day was about 12hrs from my +OPK. And it worked.

    Everyone’s cycles are different. In my case, the month that I got pregnant my BBT didn’t line up with my other signs. Had I not gotten pregnant I most likely would have left my crosshairs where FF wanted to put them. However, since we did get pregnant and we know that the frozen sperm only live a max of 12 hours we can assume that I did indeed O on the day of the IUI.

    I guess my best advice is to track as many variables as you can. And the more months you track the better you will be able to see patterns. Good luck!

  3. I’m coming out of hiding to congratulate both of you on this wonderful news. I was directed to your blog by Strawberry via LJ, and I’m very glad to be here. Keep up the good work, and here’s hoping that the unpleasant parts of early pregnancy will be shortlived!


  4. Nutella,

    First, congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you feel better.

    Thank you so much for posting this chart and for your advice. I am been checking the FF chart gallery, but with all of the results, it can be a bit overwhelming (especially looking at charts doing an IUI with frozen spermo).

    I’m having the same issue with our RE, in that if I go according to their procedures, the IUI will be rather late in my cycle. I test twice per day closer to ovulation, but I might attempt your strategy to really try to pinpoint a better window. Where did you find the cheapest O tests online? I’ve been buying them from Tar*get, but that gets rather expensive.

    Did the temp pattern in the above chart look anything like your temps during previous cycles?

  5. Hi Word, thanks! I’ll email you the site I ordered my OPKs from.

    My temp pattern on the cycle that worked was slightly different than in other months. In other months my +OPK and EWCM all matched up with the BBT thermal shift. It’s one of the reasons we were so dismayed when my temps didn’t seem to be agreeing with when we had done the IUI. We were sure the cycle was a bust.

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