Daily Archives: September 8, 2008

We’ve been released

Ok, good news first! We saw a beautiful blob on the ultrasound with a nice, strong heartbeat of 153 bpm. Also, I am DONE with the hoo-ha bullets.

Now for the bad news. I have a raging yeast infection. Nurse Helpful cheerfully informed me that this was because I was pregnant. This has been her response to my statements of how I feel the last three times we’ve seen her. I’m certain that if I had said my big toe were swollen, she would have said the same thing. No, the infection is because of the prometrium which the RE told me to stop taking. I was dreading the transvaginal u/s, but fortuntely, the RE was very understanding and gentle. I now have a prescription to take care of the infection, and hope to feel better soon.

Ah, well, it was worth it for another glimpse at our cupcake who is now about the size of a chocolate chip.

(The static at the bottom of the picture is the fetal heartbeat)

Climbing the mountain

We have an appointment later this afternoon. It should be our last ultrasound for a while so we’re anxious for it. If everything looks good, we’ll be discharged from the care of our RE to the care of our OBGYN. I’m hoping that 7 weeks, 4 days is enough to see a little blob of a cupcake now.

This weekend we enjoyed a picnic and a hike up the side of a mountain. Walking/hiking is our preferred method of exercise in these early days of pregnancy, and we figured if the pregnant lady could do it, so could our little dog!

An update will be posted either later today or tomorrow after the appt.