Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

The state of cupcake’s oven, AKA Nutella

So, based on last week’s ultrasounds, today marks 7 weeks 1 day.  According to the people that know about these things, this week and the next few are big growth and development weeks.  As a consequence, they can make the baby mama feel like crap.  I can’t say that I disagree.

On the whole I would say I’m doing well, but the unending queasiness is getting old.  I have some very specific and odd food aversions and after a horrid episode of heartburn/reflux last Friday, I am very wary of acidic foods.  Tomatoes, most fruit juice, and all green veggies are out.  Low sodium saltines and ginger ale are my friends.  And oddly enough, I’ve been craving mildly spicy asian rice noodles.  Which do not give me heartburn.  Huh.  Chicken is hit or miss, I can’t stand to be near it raw.  Dairy is fine, carbs are fine.  Very sugary foods make me feel not so great afterwards and I haven’t been craving them, much to my surprise.  

I’m more tired than usual and seem to need more sleep.  The bloat is still there.  Bought a new bra last Saturday in the next band and cup size up.  It’s already getting too tight.  That part is going to get really old really fast.  I have very big b00bs and a small band size, so bras are difficult to find in the store.  I have 1 go-to style but at $55 each I really would like to not have to buy many more of them.

Emotionally, I am still keeping my distance.  There is a part of me that is so anxious, so afraid that this isn’t going to be the happy ending that we want it to be.  I’m not being eaten up with worry, but I am holding back my joy.  I do think that good news on Monday will do a lot to ease my fears.

Strawberry has been astoundingly wonderful and supportive.  She’s taken over making dinner most nights (something that she typically despises and that I typically enjoy).  She indulges my wallowing on the couch all night and keeps at me with reassurances and cuddles.  Reading aloud from the horridly sexist baby book that we got at a used book sale and scoffing at it.  There is no way that I could do this without her and I love her so much.