Monthly Archives: August 2008

The early egg gets the sperm?

Nutella’s reproductive system did indeed cooperate in terms of ovulating before she leaves for her business trip on Tuesday. In fact, we got two dark OPK lines on Saturday afternoon and did IUI #3 Sunday morning. We prefer weekend inseminations as the whole experience is much more leisurely. We got to the RE at 9am, got the insemination done at 9:45, and stayed in the room til 10:05. Then we went up the street to the most fantastic crepes place and enjoyed a not-so-healthy-but-thoroughly-yummy breakfast.

By the way, the RE did use the last vial of our first donor, Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout, this is your last chance. Will you earn your merit badge, or must we depend on your rival, Big Wheel, to do the job? Only time will tell. Vial #3 had a count of 17 million with a progression between 2 and 3 (out of 4). Good number, but the worst progression of the 3 vials. Still, overall it was a good specimen and we have hope.

– Strawberry

Playing the Ovulation Game

Just checking in….nothing much going on here. It’s CD9 and Nutella is peeing on sticks, just in case it’s not CD9 because of her wacky last cycle. We’re expecting ovulation to occur Monday or Tuesday, which is the very latest it can occur for her to get spermed up before heading across the nation on a business trip.

So, just waiting to see that second OPK line and hoping to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

– Strawberry