So tired

I get very tired very quickly.  For that, and for the bloating, I blame the progesterone.  Over the weekend there were multiple naps each day.  And at work I’ve even needed to lay down on the floor in a dark room for a quick snooze.  Good thing I manage a suite of rooms and know where it’s safe to do so.  Also, I’ve had to remove about 6 pairs of pants from my wardrobe.

When the nurse called with my numbers on Friday, they asked that I go in for a 4th beta on Monday.  Over the weekend Strawberry and I decided that we’d rather not.  All 3 betas have pointed to everything being fine.  We didn’t really see the point in a 4th one and besides, the anxiety of an 8:30 am blood draw and then waiting for a late afternoon call was not something that we ever wanted to go through again.  

I was a big coward and didn’t want to make the call.  But Strawberry, my beautiful courageous wife, stepped up and did it.  The person on the phone did question whether or not we were coming in, but seemed fine with our decision.  And best of all, they let us go ahead and schedule our sonogram for Friday morning.  This will be a transvaginal ultrasound (sounds fun, no?) to view the egg sac.  It will be too early to see a heartbeat.  If everything is fine on Friday, then we will be released from the care of the RE and I can call my regular OB.  We are very excited and hopeful and optimistic.

8 responses to “So tired

  1. Nice to talk to you last night…We’re thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. Sounds great. Fingers crossed for Friday!!

  3. Good work skipping your beta, I hope friday goes great. And is it wrong to hope that you stay tired??

  4. Ummm…I didn’t take any extra progesterone and I was really, really tired AND I was really, really bloated and started wearing maternity pants ASAP…they are just so much more comfortable on a bloated belly.
    I’m excited for your sonogram!!!!

  5. maybe you can’t blame the progesterone.. sounds like my entire first trimester…

  6. Aww, come on guys! I wanted to blame something for feeling so fat and lazy. I feel bad blaming something living inside me that’s smaller than a peanut!

  7. I want you all to know that Nutella is not fat nor is she lazy, as she just said. We walked a mile and a half around the lake last night and I was probably more tired than she was! Thanks for sharing your experiences pregnant ladies…hopefully you will help convince Nutella that she is perfectly normal 🙂

  8. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    i was EXHAUSTED to the point of falling over most of my first trimester. i didn’t get sick or anything….just felt like i was hit by a mack truck all the time. it passed by the second trimester.

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