We went to the State Fair this weekend and saw some incredibly adorable babies…





6 responses to “Newborns

  1. Oh my, the ducklings! I could snuggle them all!

  2. ooohhh wow! i love the picture with the little ducklings all cuddled up! How adorable!! We don’t have state fairs like that here on Long Island…sheesh. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  3. Oh.. I almost totally forgot to tell you about something that I found!!

    So, I don’t know if you two know what “Post Secret” is, however I found something on the website that I found funny…and It reminded me of you guys.
    What it is.. Post Secret is a community where people send in post cards with their secrets (anonymously) and this guy (the founder of post secret, not sure of his name) posts them on his website which is updated every Sunday. So, here is a link, check out the 8th one down, Ironic.

  4. haha, oops. forgot to give you the link…duh. -enjoy

  5. Heather: I read PostSecret every week, although I did not have the chance to do so today until your comment reminded me. Although I was not the one to send in that postcard, I’m pretty sure I have to agree with it 😉

  6. haha, thats great.

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