Ocean of Relief

[EDIT: HcG: 2,180 Progesterone: 21
HcG doubled, prog. went up, and we can truly enjoy the weekend!]

We just got back to work after this morning’s beta (I will update this post later today with the results). Nutella handled it like a champ, despite not feeling so well to begin with. When the blood draw was complete, I asked to speak with our doctor who, to our surprise, was in the office. I had a list of 4 questions prepared to ask her and we are SO RELIEVED at her answers:

Q: We are wondering why Nutella is now taking progesterone?
A: I put all my patients on progesterone in the beginning as a precautionary measure. It helps to prevent miscarriage, and even though you might be fine now, by the time we realize we may need it, it will be too late. It’s routine for me.

Q: How long will she have to take it… through the first trimester?
A: No, just for 8 weeks, until the placenta kicks in.

Q: And are you gung-ho about her taking it 3 times a day?
A: She can take it twice a day (whoo!).

Q: What’s our next step?
A: When the beta gets to a certain level, around 3500, then you’ll come in for your first sonogram, probably in a week.

Relief! We don’t know WHY the nurse didn’t just tell us this to begin with, but we have no reason to believe there is anything wrong with Nutella or the cupcake. We’re anxious for today’s beta result, but we’re no longer waiting with bated breath. And we now feel like we can truly enjoy the excitement of it all.

Oh my god, we’re pregnant!

19 responses to “Ocean of Relief

  1. Hooray! We’re pregnant! Glad your doctor was able to put your minds at ease this morning. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!!!

  2. Wonderful news you two! Say…when Su was pregnant with Danny, they had us schedule an ultrasound for “week 6” (you’re already several weeks pregant by the time you get the pink line as you know.) So I dutifully scheduled our ultrasound for week 6. But it was actually the very first day of that 6th week. The doctor was very reassuring that everything looked perfect, but unfortunately it was not yet possible to see or hear the baby’s heartbeat–if we’d scheduled for later in the week we’d have seen it. He assured us that if we were really worried about it we could come back.

    Well of course we were worried about it! Long story short we had another ultrasound the next week (by then week 7) and all was beautiful. Of course we had to duke it out with the insurance company about the cost of this extra ultrasound. Moral of the story. If you can, when you schedule the 6 week ultrasound go for a day toward the end of the week. Just thought I’d share if it could spare you guys some of the same worry we had with Danny.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Yeah for you both! -Monica

  3. [Edited] Thanks for the tip, Monica. Next week will only be week 5 for us, so we’re not expecting to see more than a sac. After that, our next one probably won’t be til week 7 when we hope to see the heartbeat.

  4. Phew! I’m so glad that it’s normal procedure for them. That sucks you had the scare but this is the best outcome.

  5. awesome! i’m happy to hear that all is well with the cupcake! i’m sure the beta results will be fine.

  6. Yay! You’re pregnant!!

  7. Hi, just found you guys from a friend’s website (04052008). We recently moved from NoVA to South Jersey, so we could have a civil union and I could get a 2nd parent adoption (we have a 9 month old son). I noticed in your wedding photo that you had a chuppah and would love to chat about being Jewish lesbian moms sometime. I listed my email here, but if you can’t see it, please let me know where I can email you.
    Congrats X 100 on the pregnancy! Being a mom is awesome!!

  8. Thanks for the post— wow, hi Meredith! This is one of my M&M’s! (and went to the same college as us, too!)

    I am so excited for the two of you!!!

    (I love the dust mite, also! Seriously, though— did you look at toxic mold? It’s looks ANGRY!)


  9. *phew* I am so, so relieved for you guys. And I’m so excied for your ultra sounds!!

  10. *phew* wow, this is totally crazy! We are so excited for you guys!!!!!!

  11. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! I MEAN REALLY!! THAT”S SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so excited!!

  12. I am so happy that you are swimming in the ocean of relief. And I am really happy you got to actually talk to your doctor.


    I’m so excited for you, I don’t even have enough exclamation points to express it! *dancing and twirling with excitement*

  14. That’s fantastic news ! ! !

  15. congratulations! Your beta numbers look great! Have a happy and healthy 9 months.

  16. “I put all my patients on progesterone”

    JEEZ! She could’ve told you that in the first place!!!!!

    Anyway, your numbers look great! Congratulations!!!

  17. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!



  18. Catching up on blogs. A totally tardy response but didn’t want to miss wishing you both a big fat congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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