Phat pants

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments.  We have done some research and feel more confident and slightly less worried. We have worked through a roller coaster of emotions and have chosen happiness and hope.  I will have a 3rd beta and progesterone check tomorrow morning and we believe that everything will be wonderful.

The “hoo-ha bullets”, as some other folks on the internet have lovingly named them, are not difficult to use but are rather gross.  So far, they have made me tired and bloated.  By mid-morning I had to unbutton my pants.  Thus today at lunch I purchased my very own black stretchy drawstring cotton pants with rhinestones along the outseam.  Sure, they aren’t really work appropriate, but they are comfy!

6 responses to “Phat pants

  1. Appropriate is overrated. In my last month of pregnancy, it was stretch pants and flip flops every day!

  2. Not sure if you’re doing this, but if you poke a hole in both ends of the hoo-ha bullet – they tend to absorb into the body a bit better. In my experience, the pill coating was a little too thick to dissolve completely every 8 hours, so poking holes helped it along. The pharmacy gave me the top of a syringe to help with the puncture.

  3. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better today about the progesterone. I am pretty sure that when I get pregnant my RE will put me right on the progesterone. I think it is like a little insurance policy. I love that your comfortable pants have rhinestones on them.. that is perfect.

  4. Hurray for comfy pants!

  5. OH MY GOD!!!!

    My new job has kept me exhausted and off the Intarwebs up until today, when I heard your big news. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. I feel your pain. I HATED those pills! I wore panty liners & it helped a lot. Of course, someone had to suggest it – I couldn’t come up with it on my own! DUH

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