I broke it!

So, for the first time since I started charting my cycles (over a year ago), I have totally confused Fertility Friend.  Let me explain.

+OPK late on CD11, did the IUI on CD12, EWCM was gone by CD13.  Temps took a big dip on CD13 and a jump up on CD14, so we figured that we’d inseminated too early.

I continued to temp and from CD14-17 things were high so I assumed it would give me the crosshairs on CD13, the day of the dip.  NOPE!  It gave me the crosshairs on CD11, the day of the IUI.  Well then, perhaps our timing hadn’t been so bad.  Then on CD 18 my temp took a HUGE drop and FF moved my crosshairs to CD13.  The thing is, it’s a dotted line because it’s confused as to when I ovulated.  Temps say one thing and the OPK and CM say another.  And the only helpful thing FF has to say is “Some of your fertility signs ( OPK ) do not seem to confirm the interpretation.”

If all of this means nothing to you, don’t worry.  What it comes down to is, I ovulated at some point and at some point there was sperm.  Don’t know if the 2 events happened anywhere near one another and right now it doesn’t matter.  I’m either pregnant or I’m not and there’s nothing I can do about it.  We have no real clue how many DPO I am but we’ll be testing on Saturday.  I have no noticeable symptoms and I’m not expecting any.   I’m not fretting about the wait at all and I am looking forward to our next try if this one is a wash.

16 responses to “I broke it!

  1. That’s frustrating! We’ve totally been there too, up against the limitations of the computers. I hate not knowing when Fern ovulated but we usually figure the same thing – ovulation happened, sperm happened, we’ll eventually see what happened.

    I hope it’s good news for you!

  2. I actually LIED to fertility friend one time, because I knew I had ovulated, and I knew it would tell me I hadn’t…Go figure.

    Hopefully the sperm and the ovulation happened in the proper timeline, and Eagle Scout finally earned his badge!

  3. FF can get so confused, and can be so.freaking.confusing. I mean, it’s helpful, but as in any tool, is fallible. *hugs*

  4. Ah, you went to the same school as me! I wonder if we knew each other in real life…. what was your major? when did you graduate?

  5. Oh i hope this cycle is not a wash, but I love your additude right now. I am going to try to mimic it in about 2 weeks when I will be in the wait.

  6. yuck the dotted lines… i lost it one month after dotted lines..it was also the month we inseminated on cd32 and then af arrived on cd36…. needless to say we moved to clomid right after that. my advice is to trust your gut and keep your head up.

  7. Hi Nutella and Strawberry. You know we are all rooting for you. If Danny could talk yet he’d be saying “give that lady who shared her watermelon with me a baby now!” 😉

    We hope it worked for you this time but if it didn’t your attitude is perfect. All fingers crossed! -Monica

  8. Good Attitude for sure! I have thought about doing Fertility Friend, but my cycles have been all over the place and I’m sure I would’ve broken it, too!
    Regardless, I hope the timing was good and this is it.

  9. I often confused FF…no worries, I like your attitude, wither it worked or it didn’t, but at this point you don’t have any control….and you never know what your “winning” combination will be. My fingers are crossed…I like when things happen more randomly. 🙂

  10. nice tww attitude indeed. So they say that it usually works in times where everything is all mixed up.. never know ,I hope that ES earns his badge this time around. Happy testing on Saturday!

  11. would you ever post your chart? do you track anything else like whether your cervix is high or low, hard or soft, open or closed?

    for some people that’s just too yucky…for others it’s not.

    i love your attitude! i’ve got my fingers crossed 🙂

  12. Thanks for the support everyone, it’s nice to know you are all out there.

    Codekitten- I don’t really think I want everyone to be able to see my chart, which is why I haven’t posted it. I track CM, BBT, OPK’s and any other symptoms that I happen to notice. We’ve just agreed to track cervix position this next cycle if we can. For me it’s not a yuck factor so much as a physical discomfort factor. We’ll see.

  13. Still dying to know your major— was it English?

  14. reproducinggenius

    Honestly, I think it’s a good thing when you don’t know for sure when you ovulated. It makes the TWW a little more unpredictable and exciting. Keeping everything crossed for you!

  15. I can’t think of a better attitude to take about it.

    Good luck tomorrow anyway 🙂

  16. That huge drop was IMPLANTATION!!!! 😀

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