Daily Archives: August 8, 2008

Special delivery

Nutella returns home from her business trip shortly after I get home from work today. I am thrilled- I missed her dearly. Yay for Friday!

When I went home for lunch this afternoon, there was a package on my doorstep. Is it strange that I am excited about a bunch of speculums?? And I’ve been doing major research on cervixes. Not at work though, that would be bad. Show me a cervix, I dare you, and I can probably tell you where in her cycle the woman’s at. lol. I’m also excited now about the prospect of doing the second IUI at home for our next try. And I say “our next try” because we both pretty much gave up hope on this current one. We just think it was too early according to Nutella’s temperature pattern. We’re at, I don’t know, 6DPO? Not even counting really. I’m more into counting days until the next try, which should be the last weekend in August. Oh sure, there’s a 1% chance it worked this time, but it’s hardly worth hoping for.

I don’t know, I’m feeling pretty zen and excited at the same time. Definitely not my usual during the TWW. Probably a good thing.