Up down down ?!

Nutella’s temperature always goes up after she ovulates (“always” meaning the last few times we’ve charted). We’ve felt confident doing the IUI the day after the positive OPK and seeing her temperature go up and stay up, indicating she’s ovulated.

THIS time though, her temperature went up, but then back down, to below the coverline. This is very disconcerting as now we think we may have done the IUI too early. In other words, this timing thing really sucks.

We are now reassessing our plan. Again. Maybe we’ll do two IUI’s next time in order to ensure a wider window of opportunity. Maybe we’ll even do one at home, something I was sure we’d never try to attempt ourselves.

A while back, I laughed over Amazon displaying “speculums” on my possible “want” list of items. Now…not so funny anymore.

11 responses to “Up down down ?!

  1. Oof–I hate it when my temp has done that. Try not to get too worked up over any one day’s reading–it is really the aggregate, the whole picture, in which the data makes any little sense at all. I think it’ll go back up tomorrow–today was an off day. With the travel and everything, don’t read too much into it.

  2. Unfortunately, these temps were before the travelling. 😦 I wish the sperm lived longer. Why can’t they make them live longer???

  3. I was an avid temper, but my charts NEVER looked the same cycle to cycle. Often times, the rise and fall didn’t make sense until much later in the cycle when I could look at the greater pattern. On top of that, your temp is often a late indication, showing what happened a day before, not day of. Don’t worry too much about it. The +opk is what matters. My hopes are with you. xox

  4. You know, initially I didn’t think the idea of doing an IUI at home to be that odd. But now that I think it over….. EWWW. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that it’ll be unnecessary.

    Also, I’ve never watched my temp the way you ladies are watching Nutella’s, but I’m still with tbean and mrsbluemont. I’ve seen people do the same thing with the stock market, and it drives them crazy! Try not to let it do the same to you!

    Thinking of you two…….. ❀

  5. um. chiming in to say that home iui’s are not as bad as one may think…

    i wouldn’t worry much about the temp thing, although i will co-sign on the speculum. it’s great for watching cervical changes and can give you some assurance as to if the time is right.

    i say get one – a metal one so that i can be boiled for each use. the medium is a good fit for most. and they are not that expensive at all.

  6. Mel has cleared up with me that she thinks the “handling semen” part of it is the “ewwy” part (um, Mel…you ARE straight, right? lol), but I explained about how small the amount is and that it’s washed πŸ™‚

    I’ve gotten a lot of info on doing them at home and I feel ok about it.

    giggle- If you can share with me your experience (either here or through email), please do. I’m trying to gather as much data as I can. Thanks!

  7. There are a lot of women on fertilityfriend.com who do at home IUI’s – may want to check it out!

    I have a love/hate relationship with my BBT

  8. I hope you will not be need to do a home IUI but I have also heard they are not too bad just that a speclum is a must. I do think that doing 2 IUI’s is a good idea. It has always given me a level of comfort.

  9. *headdesk*

    No offense meant to anyone. I’m a complete novice to the TTC world — which makes this a VERY educational experience for me, since we may someday need the knowledge I’m getting now.

    And yes, being straight does not make semen any less ewwey! πŸ˜›

  10. The trick to home insemination is to not over think the whole thing. We’ve managed three at home attempts without too much trouble getting over the whole “ew sperm” issue (and that is an issue for both of us). We don’t take it too seriously either so that helps.

    We haven’t bought a speculum but might if this attemp fails…

  11. I wouldn’t count yourself out yet. Some months I would get a dip in my temp a day after I ovulated. It’s called a “Fallback Rise” (google it). It’s totally normal…some months I would have them and some I wouldn’t. The month I got pregnant I had one πŸ™‚


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