Monthly Archives: July 2008

Take 2

Got a faint line on the OPK last night and then a positive this morning.  At 8am I called the RE to make an appt for my IUI on Wednesday.  Gave all my info and she said she’d call me back with the appt time.  I asked them to call me at work and hit the road.  At 9:45 I still hadn’t heard from them, so I called again and gave my name and was told “oh, you already have an appt”.  Really?  I have an appointment?  Well, I’d really appreciate if someone told me what time so I could, you know, actually BE THERE.  Ok, I didn’t actually say it like that, but I managed to get my point across and was transferred to the nurse.

Nurse tells me appointment time is 10-10:30.  Ok, was hoping for something earlier, but we can do that.  Then she asks me if I’m bringing my own sample.  Umm, no. You are storing my sample in your city office and the Dr. told us during our initial consult that she will transport the samples from the city office herself.  Nurse tells me she will check with the Dr. and if the Dr. can’t transport then they will look into a courier.  I ask her to please call me with pricing if they need to do that because if I have to schlep all over town for the IUI I’d rather save the $ and go to the city office.  She agrees to call me back.

11:45am I still haven’t heard back from them so I call again.  I get transferred to the same nurse who assures me that the Dr. will transport our sample herself and everything is set for 10 am tomorrow in the suburban office.

So, the 2nd batch of “making a cupcake” is about to commence.

Drink now or forever hold your wine

Just checking in. Nutella and I went on a mini-break this weekend and visited 2 wineries among other things. We love wine and so while it’s not on Nutella’s list of forbidden food/drink, we’re enjoying ourselves. Don’t get the wrong idea though…this is purely about enjoying a luxury, not getting smashed. And red wine is healthy 😉

Mentally, the trip was a good one, too…I hardly thought about the baby-making stuff. Of course, now it’s ovulation week so it’s back on my mind. I’m going to wait another day before mentioning to my boss that I need a couple of hours off for another dr. appt. I’m glad he knows what we’re going through though- he’s very understanding and has no problem with me taking the time off that I need.

OPK’s start tomorrow and so far, Nutella’s FF chart looks like every other. Clockwork that one is.


All systems normal

Well, the horrid cramps went away after 3 days and AF is gone.  O should be late next week.  I’ll start OPK’s on Tuesday.  Other than that, not much going one in these parts.

Gald you guys like the new layout.  The next time I make cupcakes I’m going to try and get a picture that’s similar so we can use it as the header.  For all you American peeps, enjoy your holiday!