Daily Archives: July 29, 2008

It’s “call the RE’s office day”!

First, our new swimmers arrived at the RE’s lab.  I confirmed delivery with the lab and I told them I’m going to call them again tomorrow for the tracking number for the return of the tank.  We will not be repeating the disaster of last time.

Yesterday, while checking the online claims processing system for my insurance, I noticed a $100 charge with the date of service matching our June IUI.  Insurance paid it in full.  However, on that day I self paid for my IUI so I had no idea what that charge was for.  Also, there was no corresponding claim for the July IUI even though the claim for my progesterone test (1 week after the July IUI) was in the system.  I was kind hoping this meant insurance was going to cover some stuff and the RE would owe me money.  Besides, there was still the issue with the $85 price difference between my June and July IUI’s. Certainly worth a phone call.

I got a fairly competent billing person on the phone and have learned the following:

1.  I was charged a “consult fee” for the June IUI.  That’s what went thru insurance.  Billing lady has no idea why there wasn’t a similar fee for the July IUI.  The only thing I can think of is that in June when we arrived at the office our RE, Dr. A was with another patient, so Dr. B did the IUI. Five minutes later Dr. A popped in and talked to us for 2 min and apologized for missing us.  In July, Dr. A did our IUI herself.  So perhaps she thinks that those 2 minutes back in June warrant a “consult fee”.  That’s totally crazy though and if they’d tried to charge me for it, instead of insurance, you can bet I’d refuse to pay it.

2.  After calling down to the lab it was confirmed that yes indeed, I was over-charged for the sperm prep fees in June.  A credit of $85 has been applied to my account.

So, all in all, a successful day of letting my fingers do the walking. Oh, and for those of you keeping track at home we now have 1 vial of Eagle Scout and 3 vials of Big Wheel in storage at the RE. Who wants to bet there might be some confusion at the RE over my August IUI?