Daily Archives: July 25, 2008

Big wheels keep on turnin’

Last night we went out to dinner with the girls from Baby Steps and Two Hot Mamas. For those of you who watched this season of Top Chef, we ate at one of Spike’s restaurants and even though I didn’t like him very much on the show, it was pretty cool to see him in person, trademark fedora included (although I would’ve preferred it to be Jennifer Beasty). We ate much yummy, greasy, comfort food.

But before Nutella and I left home, we called up our trusty sperm bank and ordered new swimmers. We received the long profile for another possible donor yesterday afternoon and he sounded good. However, we still wanted to use a donor that was in our first set of profiles, but who is CMV+. We’ve recently read lots of information saying that if you’re CMV-, it’s really not that big a risk to use CMV+ sperm. The chance of catching it from positive sperm is minimal, and then the chance of passing it on to the fetus is also low.

So I called the bank and asked them how many vials they had of each donor (enough) and if any pregnancies had been reported for each (both!) and then what information about the specimens do they send to our fertility clinic. Our doctor does not want us using CMV+ sperm, so there’s a chance if we bought CMV+ and our doctor found out, the insemination would not happen with that specimen. The bank told me yes, they do give the clinic CMV status so I had to go with our second choice of those two donors. Oh well! Better safe than sorry…

Upon reading the new donor’s profile, the thing that stuck out as the most memorable was that his first memory was of riding his Big Wheel throughout the neighborhood. Henceforth, the new donor will be known as “Big Wheel.” But I hope we bought his swimmers in vain….Eagle Scout, you have one more chance to get that merit badge!

– Strawberry