I never thought I’d be glad to have cramps

The last few days have been really annoying, confusing, and angry making.  TTC has messed up my body.  Let me explain.

Today is CD1.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Remember how I started spotting 5 days ago and was expecting CD1 to immediately follow?  Well, it didn’t.  I had 1 day of light spotting, 1 day of bright red spotting, then 1 day of light spotting again.  Then I had a whole day with no spotting or bleeding.  And my temps were way high.  Pregnancy pee sticks were negative.  But everything was very confusing so I went ahead and had the blood test done at the RE yesterday morning.  And the hope crept back in.  Not a lot of hope, but enough so that when they called with the expected negative we were disappointed for the 2nd time in 5 days.  Finally, this morning my temp dropped, I’m bleeding for real, and I have my typical CD1 cramps.

That makes the last cycle 28 days, my longest ever in over 2 years of keeping track.  And the symptoms have been new, too.  The TWW symptoms I’ve had are NOTHING like my PMS symptoms.  On the one hand, it gives me a bit of hope that SOMETHING is happening in there.  But on the other hand, if this happens for a few more cycles i’m going to begin to think that something is happening, just not necessarily a good something.

Right now, we are resolved to begin OPK’s early because I have a feeling that I may O earlier, since this CD1 is so late.  And we don’t want to miss it.  Also, I have a business trip which will take me out of town CD14-16.  I really don’t want to have to skip this cycle because of it.  Do you hear that body?  Cooperate, ok?  Also, this is Eagle Scout’s last shot.   The long profile for his replacement should be in the mail and if we like it we’re ordering his swimmers tomorrow.

7 responses to “I never thought I’d be glad to have cramps

  1. Sorry this is so hard! From what I know, it is not unusual for the trying to through our bodies into wacko land. The sperm, the stress, etc. does change our cycles. So sorry for the dashed hopes not once but twice. Hugs.

  2. Yo, starting CD 1 right there with you. Let’s cheer each other on, shall we?
    My RE said that TTC messes up most women’s cycles. It certainly has done that to mine!

  3. I kinda think of it like all those lesbian uterii are yelling “WTF IS THIS STUFF??? DO NOT WANT!!!”

    lol, I know it’s not just the lesbians. but still 😉

  4. jeez–sorry guys, I know that limbo place well and it is hell. I’ve had a similar experience on a couple of tries–spotting, high temps, negative hpts, major confusion, it just sucks. Who knows if our bodies are thrown out of whack by the process or if something is happening and then not continuing? It’s just really hard. When I get to the end of a cycle, I want the no to get started as quickly as possible and the few extra days of things being dragged out are just torture.

  5. Oh, I hate that resurfacing hope after the letdown – it’s just so bitter and makes everything worse when you have to have 2 letdowns.
    Hugs to you two.

  6. Sometimes it’s just a relief to get the period and know for sure. I had a 36 day cycle last month. When the blood flowed, I was almost cheering.

    But… still, it sucks. Sorry.

  7. wishinghopingpraying

    I am so sorry you had to be disappointed twice. I really do think TTC messes up your cycles. You are very smart to start using your OPK’s early this time.

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