Butterfly kisses?

We’re both back at work from our early morning trip to the RE for my progesterone check.  LOVE the nurse that took my blood, she was sweet, calm, efficient, and fast.  She assured me that they only ever use a butterfly needle and it felt far less invasive.  Also, for the first time ever I volunteered my right arm for the draw.  See, I’m right handed but the inner elbow veins on my left arm are tiny and invisible.  I’ve got a really visible one right near the surface in the center of my right inner elbow.  Made a big difference, I think.  I was a big girl, didn’t cry, didn’t hyperventilate, didn’t get light headed or woozy.  I was in and out in 3 minutes. 

This is HUGE, people.  It makes me really hopeful for all the blood tests that are down the road, be they for TTC or pregnancy.  And honestly, for me, that’s a bigger relief and accomplishment than any results from the actual test.

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    I will usually ask for a butterfly needle, because they can rarely get blood from my elbow, and taken elsewhere, it bruises like a mofo if you don’t use a butterfly. Even with one, it’s pretty impressive.

    Hurrah for you!

  2. Excellent news! I hope you still insisted on a piece of chocolate afterward…you know, as a prize for being a big girl! 😀

  3. Al- Sadly, we forgot to bring chocolate, but I gave her my banana 😉

  4. i’m very much the same way about which arm to use!

    i’m happy that it went well and that everything was okay with the blood draw. from now on, you know what to request and where to have it draw, so you should be good to go!

  5. ah that’s great–I was worried when you started about how many blood draws you were facing during this ttc business and pregnancy!! glad to see that you are finding ways to cope with the difficulties 🙂

  6. Excellent! It already sounds like your feeling much better about the future regarding blood draws. Why can’t they find a way to determine all this information without needing to take blood? Honestly, a fingernail clipping would be so much easier! -Monica

  7. wishinghopingpraying

    That is great! The butterfly always works better for me too.

  8. I am happy to hear that your blood test was uneventful and that they used teh butterfly. I hope you don’t have to be on progesterone.

  9. I’m glad that the nurse didn’t poke you too much, those butterfly needles are awesome, they hurt much less than those big huge ones that some nurses/places use.

    Do they want you to take the progesterone needle or the suppositories? (did I spell that right?)

  10. Thanks for all the support guys. I’m a butterfly needle convert!

    To answer a few questions:

    This was a progesterone level check at 7 days past my IUI. The RE recommended I have the level checked just in case and we agreed. I am not on any supplements. As of 3:55pm the RE’s office has not called me with results. Strawberry has called them twice in the past hour and been told that they are going over the results with the RE and that they will call me. They close at 4pm.

  11. Yay – good job, you.

  12. I missed this yesterday, sorry! But I know the fear of needles in your land–so YAY for you!!
    I do better on one arm than the other as well.

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