TIME among other things

Well, since everyone else seems to be doing the fun Wordle thing, we’re joining in, too:

We noticed that the biggest word is “time” which pretty much sums up what we’ve been focusing so much on and have found so frustrating. Also interesting how “Nutella”, “call”, “Dr.” are all closely situated. Indeed!

9 responses to “TIME among other things

  1. Hi there Nutella and Strawberry. Can you explain a bit how this thing works before I give it a go? Thanks. -Monica
    P.S. Interesting observation on “call” and “doctor” 😉

  2. Monica- All you do is go to that website and put in your website URL (underneath the box for free text). As long as you have JAVA on your computer, it will create an image of the most-used words on your website. Kinda interesting to see what comes up.

  3. that’s cool! i should so one on mine! i’m kinda scared about what may pop out though!

  4. oh, and i hope the wait is being nice to you!

  5. Hi Strawberry. I tried it and it seemed to only pull words from my last three posts which were about my boss’s terrible accidental fall, Su falling into a WASA manhole cover and my bike accident. Wow, as you can imangine my Worldle was very bleak. Did you notice that it didn’t pull from your whole blog history too??? -Monica

    P.S. Also, best of wishes during this time of waiting!

  6. Monica- I thought it would pull from all entries on the current page, but maybe not!

    The wait is going fine so far…going going going…

  7. I’m totally intrigued by all of this. Must go do now!

  8. this was cool, thanks for the link!! Our’s made, Period and Pregnant HUGE! hm..wonder…

  9. nutella – i answered your questions on my blog in the comments of the post. hope that helps!

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