Drink now or forever hold your wine

Just checking in. Nutella and I went on a mini-break this weekend and visited 2 wineries among other things. We love wine and so while it’s not on Nutella’s list of forbidden food/drink, we’re enjoying ourselves. Don’t get the wrong idea though…this is purely about enjoying a luxury, not getting smashed. And red wine is healthy 😉

Mentally, the trip was a good one, too…I hardly thought about the baby-making stuff. Of course, now it’s ovulation week so it’s back on my mind. I’m going to wait another day before mentioning to my boss that I need a couple of hours off for another dr. appt. I’m glad he knows what we’re going through though- he’s very understanding and has no problem with me taking the time off that I need.

OPK’s start tomorrow and so far, Nutella’s FF chart looks like every other. Clockwork that one is.


4 responses to “Drink now or forever hold your wine

  1. i keep on trying to tell dp that red wine is excellent for the body, but she doesn’t believe me…

    i do hope you drunk enough for others!

  2. Glad you had a good trip.

  3. umm… wine… umm… Yummy! never let fertility get in the way of red wine. the newest studies say that red wine actually makes you live longer! So… if my calculations are correct (or whatever), shouldn’t that make you more fertile? I’m just sayin…

  4. There are a ton of websites about how red wine is healthy in moderation- here’s one: http://wine.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Red_Wine_Benefits

    Nutella definitely doesn’t drink during the TWW, but otherwise I only think it could help, not harm, in moderation 🙂

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