Daily Archives: July 7, 2008

Drink now or forever hold your wine

Just checking in. Nutella and I went on a mini-break this weekend and visited 2 wineries among other things. We love wine and so while it’s not on Nutella’s list of forbidden food/drink, we’re enjoying ourselves. Don’t get the wrong idea though…this is purely about enjoying a luxury, not getting smashed. And red wine is healthy 😉

Mentally, the trip was a good one, too…I hardly thought about the baby-making stuff. Of course, now it’s ovulation week so it’s back on my mind. I’m going to wait another day before mentioning to my boss that I need a couple of hours off for another dr. appt. I’m glad he knows what we’re going through though- he’s very understanding and has no problem with me taking the time off that I need.

OPK’s start tomorrow and so far, Nutella’s FF chart looks like every other. Clockwork that one is.