Result from the unnecessary blood tests

Single stick blood draw was Friday 6/13.  This picture is from Monday evening.  My mother, a nurse, is HORRIFIED.  A week later it still looks disgusting and is still sensitive.

6DPO, still feel normal.

12 responses to “Result from the unnecessary blood tests

  1. It’s like the aurora borealis on your arm. I want to go back and punch that phlebotomist.

  2. OMG. Did they let students practice drawing blood? WTF? So sorry.

  3. see, that’s why i give them one stick. i’m not a damn pin cushion. if you can’t get it, don’t try!

    i mean, wtf. dude, i’m totally sorry.

  4. Thanks for the sympathy guys.

    Unfortunately Giggle, that WAS one stick. Accoring to my mother, it looks like the phlebotomist “blew the vein” which means instead of just poking one hole in thru the top of my vein, she went all the way in and then out the other side before backing up lightly to draw the blood. I kept bleeding out the back of the vein the whole time and even when she was all done and gave me a bandage for the surface puncture, there was never any pressure to stop the bleeding from the back.

    But you are right, it sucks.

  5. wow. thats horrible!! Bad stick! that always happens to me when I donate blood, and it makes me so self consious..I don’t want people to think I’m some kind of addict. Sorry that you have to be put through that pain. Hopefully, it wont happen again =/

  6. Ooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  7. Yikkes that looks bad!!! Thank goodness you are almost one week down.

  8. So sorry….that is so not right.

  9. Terrible! You poor darling. My mom used to make this feather motion over bruises saying that she was sweeping the blood back. Needless to say, she’s not a nurse like yours!

  10. Wow, someone really sucks with a needle!

  11. Mrs Bluemont, I love that feather analogy! I may just use that one someday!

  12. OMG, fire that person. Ouch, so sorry1

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