Go team!

Well, I’m all spermed up.  Temp was still low this morning and OPK went from positive to faint thru the day yesterday, so our 10am IUI this morning was perfectly timed.

After some quality couple time this morning, Strawberry and I headed to the city office of our RE.  The waiting room was full, but as I signed in I heard someone behind the counter say my name and I spoke up to announce my presence.  Right away I was called back and ushered into the first exam room.  My sample was all ready to go and Dr B, who we’d never met, introduced himself and put us totally at ease.  With a gentle manner and a very reassuring tone, I was put in the stirrups and talked thru the IUI.  I was advised against emptying my bladder, as the IUI would be easier with it slightly full if I have an anterior uterus, as the majority of women do.

The speculum went in with some pressure, but was no more uncomfortable than usual.  And it turns out, I have a VERY anterior uterus, so that’s good to know.  Next thing we knew, there was a faint squelching sound as our swimmers were launched.  I remarked on the sound, and we all had a chuckle.  All done, the speculum was removed and we were left alone to rest.

5 minutes later there was a knock on the door.  I thought they were kicking us out already and was a bit surprised, but it turned out to be our RE, Dr. A.  She’d been expecting us but had been with another patient when we arrived.  By the time she finished and came to collect our sample, Dr. B was all done!  She stayed to answer a few of our questions and assured us that the sample was excellent.  She wished us luck and said that if needed, we should call when I begin my next cycle.  I experienced no pain or cramping and we stayed in the room another 15 minutes before heading out to pay up and leave.

Overall, it was a much simpler and more pleasant experience than everything else we’ve dealt with this week, and I am feeling hopeful and relieved.  Oh, and it cost about $50 less than they had quoted me, which was nice.

So now, Eagle Scout, it’s time to earn that merit badge!  Swim, swim, swim!

16 responses to “Go team!

  1. w00t! \o/ *cheers them on*

  2. How weird! I’ve never cheered the swimmers on before, but… go team go! 😀

  3. Good luck! So exciting!

  4. WOAH. N…. what was that \o/ a cartoon of??

    After reading Nutella’s entry, my first impression was VERY graphic. *blush!*

  5. You’ve been on my mind all day, and I just got to the computer to find the update. Glad it was smooth and painless. We’ll keep sending the good juju your way!!!

    Go, swimmers, go!!!!

  6. it sounds like it went well! now was that $50 compensation from said lost tank??? lets hope so! at any rate, i hope you don’t need the RE next month!

    now, try to enjoy the wait, and don’t start testing too early!!!

  7. I’m curious as to how early you’ll know if it worked or not. Will you just have to wait until your next cycle?

  8. elwing- we are officially in the TWW (two week wait). We’ll be testing in about 14 days 🙂

  9. I’ll add some cheering to!! GO TEAM GO!!
    personly, I think that the TWW is the hardest part of all -good luck!!

    swim, swim!

  10. I hope they swim nice and straight!

  11. Go team go!! I hope the tww goes nice and easy. Swim, swim!

  12. And they’re off! I hope at least one has found the way and is doing the right thing!
    Here’s to a speedy TWW for both of you:)

  13. Fingers crossed !

  14. Excellent news. Of course I hope that the first time’s the charm. It happens more than you know. -Monica

  15. Sounds perfect! I’m so excited for you both and wish you the best. oxoxo

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