Have a cookie

Nutella picked this cookie out of a catered platter at work today.

Tell us, what do you see?


9 responses to “Have a cookie

  1. Looks like a fertility goddess to me! Hope it brings much luck.

  2. nice cookie! It looks like a flip flop from one angle, and then it could also be a snowman/woman covering up their cash ‘n prizes. lol cute cookie tho, did you eat it?

  3. I insantly thought fertility goddess and brought the cookie home to show Strawberry. She saw what I saw too, so we took a picture to post. It was only when I viewed the cookie in the upside down version from what we posted here that I was able to see that it was intended to be a flip flop. I’m on a no carb/no sugar diet so Strawberry ate the cookie.

  4. The cookie was tasty, but unfortunately I didn’t receive any cash n’ prizes…

  5. I see a woman holding her pee in b/c there’s no bathroom nearby. Also, could be a fertility goddess!

  6. Um, nothing! The photo didn’t show for me….

  7. what? no cash and prizes?? shame on you nutella!!

  8. Mel- it’s via Flickr. Wonder if your work blocks it?

    Giggleblue- Well, there might have been prizes, but no cash… 😉

  9. Well I think it looks somewhat like a little baby. Great sign I say. Wishing you the best of luck as you start this amazing journey! -Monica

    P.S. Thanks for your post on our blog today. I’d not seen yours before and have really enjoyed reading it!

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