It’s the final countdown

So, I started spotting today right on schedule.  CD1 (Cycle Day 1 for those not familiar with the TTC lingo) should be Saturday or Sunday.  Which means ovulation should be between June 11 and June 15.  And we have a house guest staying June 12-15.  And it’s Pride weekend with celebratory activities scheduled for Thursday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday day.  Oh, yeah and that Sunday is Father’s Day with my dad 45 min away in one direction and Strawberry’s dad 45 min in the other direction.  Fortunately, we are very open with eveyone about our priorites for the weekend so fitting in the IUI at the Dr’s office shouldn’t be a problem.  Although, I guess this means I really ought to figure out the procedure for a weekend IUI. I think they only do them at the downtown office as opposed to the suburban office where we’ve been. On a weekend that shouldn’t be a problem for us, and hey, I could end up having my first IUI on Gay Pride day. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

14 responses to “It’s the final countdown

  1. Totally dorky, but I should be O’ing just before you, which means I can cackle gleefully be with you in solidarity during your first TWW. Moohaha.

  2. Is it wrong of me that I now visualize this as one of those silly carnival games where we use a water cannon to propel horses along a track?

  3. On the plus side, I’ve won a big, stupid stuffed animal after playing that game, although I believe I was shooting the water into a clown’s mouth…

  4. THAT”S FABULOUS!! Maybe we could meet up there!! I’m hoping to go too!!

  5. It’s the Pride IUI! That must be a good omen. I’m very hopeful for you both. oxoxo

  6. Hey, we’re doing this together, with our first insemination probably on the 9th or 10th. Good luck!

  7. I love to think about insemination themes – the labor conference insem, the concert weekend insem, the gardening insem etc. – so I think a pride weekend insem is the ultimate. So very exciting – good luck!

  8. The next two weeks will fly by and before you know it, time will screetch to a halting stop in your first 2ww! I hope it is your last!!

  9. Oh I love the idea of a pride IUI – what really could be better. tbean is right these next two weeks with fly.

  10. YAY! I’m so excited!!! And if your houseguest is who I think it is, she’s one of the most easy-going people you’ll ever meet in your life. Wish we could be there to celebrate IUI #1 and Pride weekend with you.

  11. having an insem on pride is totally awesome! We find out tomorrow if we have a BFP or neg, its so stressful.. I’m going crazy!!

    good luck girls 🙂

  12. Wow, today for me, too! Only I’m not trying this month… I’m waiting another few. Best of luck!

  13. yes, they will!! wishing you much success with your iui timing!

  14. weekend IUI’s always seem so special. Magical even.Already harnessing mojo to send your way!

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