Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

Binge drinking

Ok, so not REALLY binge drinking.  But tomorrow I am planning to drink far more than my average at a wine festival.  There will be music, food vendors, crafts and over 15 wineries from within our state.   Added fun for this year, we will be going with our wonderful next door neighbors who have generously offered to drive and to set up a “base camp” picnic blanket.  Also, will be meeting up with Strawberry’s parents at the festival.

 This will be the 4th time we’ve been to this event and we always have a blast.  We get fairly tipsy, then stagger across the street from the festival site to the mall where we eat dinner and shop to sober up.  Amazingly, this has not yet resulted in unwise purchases such as hot pants or a puppy.

I hope that we have a great time and I want this to be my last real drinking for a long time.  It’s almost time to make a cupcake!