Daily Archives: May 12, 2008

‘When’ is the question

As we’re getting closer to the actual act of “trying” to get pregnant, I find it more and more difficult to answer people when they ask “When?” Because we don’t know how long it will take, we don’t want to give the exact time because then we’re going to have to face the barrage of “Are you pregnant yet?” questions.

We’re being very open with our wonderfully supportive parents and close friends, but with people that fall on the periphery of that…well, it just gets harder to want to give them exact details. We’ve been saying “the summer,” but now the summer is almost upon us (despite it being unseasonably cool and wet as of late). So now we’re saying “the next couple months” but even that lends itself to people inquiring more in detail and more often.

Ah well, it’s just one of those things. It was easier when it was further away to tell various people, but now I find myself not wanting to spill the beans so much.