Those burning questions

I felt that we learned a lot at the Rainbow Families conference last weekend. Among the most interesting or important things follow, as well as the answer to at least one of my burning questions:

  • Does the length of time that a sperm sample is frozen matter?
    Yes, mainly due to the fact that freezing techniques have changed in the past however many years. Thus, using 1 year old frozen sperm vs. 3 year old frozen sperm will probably not matter, but using sperm frozen in the early 90’s vs. the early 2000’s may actually matter. One of the donors Nutella and I were looking at (but crossed out) had donated in the 1980’s! I’m extra glad now that we’re not using those swimmers.
  • When a sperm sample is washed, does the process kill a certain percentage of the swimmers?
    The good thing about washing sperm is that it weeds out all of the dead or weak swimmers, as well as all the other yucky stuff that you don’t need. What you’re left with is a highly concentrated ‘packet’ of good, strong swimmers which are then deposited directly into the uterus when using IUI. Do NOT, repeat, Do NOT eject ICI/unwashed sperm directly into the uterus. This sperm is not supposed to go directly there and will cause uterine contractions that can be severe. The doctor even mentioned that this has been known to cause death.
  • Controlled studies have shown that two inseminations in one cycle do not increase the percentage that a woman will get pregnant if the timing is already on the money. Thus, if you’re using OPK’s and you know the day you’re ovulating, you may be wasting money to do two inseminations. Logically this is hard to understand, but that’s what was said so…
  • If you need certain tests done prior to TTC and you’re afraid that your insurance will not cover them, get them done at your primary care doctor if possible. Fertility doctors are a red flag to insurance companies, unless you know that your insurance is good and will cover it. I must say, Nutella’s insurance has proven so far to be extremely good. Our first expensive visit to the fertility doctor, we just found out today, has been fully covered.
  • The average cost of second parent adoptions in our blue state is about $1800-$2400, with up to another $1000 for additional documents. So basically, count on approx. $3000, but then you apparently get it all refunded back as part of the tax credit for adoptions. Sweet.
  • If anyone reading wants to add anything or had different experience with those issues, please let us know 🙂


    5 responses to “Those burning questions

    1. Awesome. I had wanted to go, but felt weird going since I’m not TTC nor partnered currently. Glad ya had a good time. I know I had a blast last year when i went.

    2. Thank you 🙂 We definitely felt it was worth it. Hopefully you’ll be able to attend next year.

    3. What an informative post!!
      I seems like that confence was a great thing for you girls, I hope that everything works out for you. Just remember to relax, and everything will eventually fall into place.

    4. we need to go to conference like this. i’m not even sure if they have them in texas! btw, i’m adding your blog to my “noteworthy” list. it seems like we may be in similar steps of the ttc process…

    5. Welcome!

      Apart from a conference, I think you may be able to find something with this resource:
      I see some Texas listings on there.

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