Frozen Strawberry juice, anyone?

My OB called with the results from my CMV screen.  I’m negative for both the antibodies and the active virus.  She was a tad confused and asked me if I had been concerned about myself.  I explained that I needed it to help me choose a donor and that now I would be sure to pick someone that was also negative.  She said “Ah, well good luck then and I hope to see you soon!”  This is why I’m not going to her for help getting pregnant but really like her anyway.

These results mean that our  #2 donor is now out of the running.  So, it looks like Mr. “Strawberry if she’d been a boy” who’s juice has been on ice for a long time is the winner!  Now I’m off to call the RE to check the prices for “washing” since his samples are only available “unwashed”.

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