Matchmaker, matchmaker…

We have two main sperm banks from which we are interested in donors. They are priced about the same and both located hundreds of miles from us. One lets the client buy sperm for either home inseminations or inseminations at the doctor’s office. They require a lot of paperwork, so we have to get that done and sent in before we can begin ordering long donor profiles or anything else. The other place will only send sperm to your doctor’s office, and doesn’t require much paperwork….none just to order long donor profiles.

 So I called the latter on my lunch break today and ordered two long profiles and they were almost immediately sent to my e-mail (yay instant gratification!). One profile came with the cutest toddler picture…a smiling chubby little boy with the brightest red hair ever. Unfortunately, we didn’t like his profile as much as the other donor’s profile which, also unfortunately, did not come with a picture. But not having a picture is not a deal-breaker, and we’d rather go with a donor that fits my background more similarly and has a healthier style of living.

We have 3 long profiles to see from the other place, and then we can start ranking and choosing. I have to say, this may be the most fun part of the process in my eyes. lol. As a girl who majored in Psychology in college, I find this stuff absolutely fascinating!


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